November 19, 2019

Just hit 5k+ downloads


I started the app with just one feature: help people view quoted replies of tweets. I wasn't really surprised by the reception because the twitter bot that inspired it had a ton of users daily. What I found interesting was how diverse the users were. Most users are from Indonesia, the US, Nigeria, Phillipines and the UK. Another thing I found interesting was the tweets that people were most interested in.

Along the line, I decided to add a "download twitter videos and GIFs". I launched this about 2 weeks ago and it has been used on over 1000 tweets. Again, I wasn't surprised because there are twitter bots that do this already.

The main drivers for downloads have been mentions by friends on twitter and articles about the app and the @quotedreplies bot. The problem is the buzz does down a few days after. I'm currently thinking of organic ways to grow the app. I already have an idea about how to go about this that I'll be testing very soon. I'll post results here in due time. If you have any ideas, I'm happy to hear them 😁

I'm hoping to monetize by adding ads or creating a pro version that removes ads and watermarks (more on this later)

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