50 live video tutorial cases

https://radiologymasters.com is a video tutorial #MedEd platform built on a simple stack by @danfascia

  • Github - acts as the CMS for markdown files
  • Jekyll - Builds the site
  • Netlify - Superb CDN hosting and CI/CD
  • Vimeo - Hosts and serves the video files

A custom uploader backend was created by Jamie McKniff during 2018. It's pretty nifty, it takes the uploaded video and stores it on Vimeo using their API then, creates a markdown file referencing it on Github. This contains the metadata required to also build the entry and feed into Jekyll. The new markdown file creation is also the trigger to Netlify to rebuild.

Nose down hard work mostly by John Curtis and Radhika Prasad and we have 54 live radiology tutorial cases 👍🏼

During peak exam revision time we took 3,000 video views /day

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