July 15, 2020

First kickstarter


Yesterday, we launched our very first kickstarter to help Ragg reach more communities. https://ifundwomen.com/projects/ragg-app
Check us out and read about our mission. This campaign will end in 30 days. Our goal is to reach $10,000 To help expand our team.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 500 Subs + 2 Coffee's
    Yesterday The Slice received it first coffee, in fact, two! We also passed 500 subs, which I'm really stoked about. For the next 2 months, I'll be foc
  • 100 Twitter Followers 👪
    I haven't really been a twitter-type of person at all, but reading about it over on Reddit and IndieHackers has shown me that it can be a great tool f
  • Using partial features without registration
    Some people might not want to create an account, because it takes time and effort. Now we have made some of our features free in terms of accessibilit
  • New delights 🍬
    Brand new delights added to Cleaver include projected deployment duration and deltas, UX updates to site creati
  • 10 Affiliate Signups with no marketing, 2 converts
    We added an affiliate program for Draftss.com last month and received a total of 10 affiliate signups from people who came across the affiliate progra
  • 70 downloads of the podcast - and podcast update
    Got up to 70 downloads of the podcast. I've got two very exciting episodes of the podcast that I cannot wait to publish. I'm transforming this podcast
  • Published my first short book on Amazon
    My first (very short) book went live today on Amazon. It's called "But I Have No Original Ideas - The Book for Stuck Creatives." I actually forgot tha
  • Launched v0.1.0 publicly!
    This is freaking me out! I have no idea what to expect — I'm worried my server will crash, but I kinda want it to crash as well 😅 I hope people like
  • Half work done on my landing page...
    Finishing the landing page of swaptoapp.com also payment form is finished i plan to launch it tomorrow. Nervous about launching. It is not my first th
  • Calculated estimated expenses
    To get a true look at profit, we had to get a good sense of what our expenses would be for the bundle. Here's what we've got (so far): 👉 Graphics = a