September 30, 2019

App officially launched. Terrible day.

Nick Marblestone @superunicorn

Today "rainbow" officially launched on the app store - the free ride sharing app for college students. I spent considerable time grinding at the local college to get phone numbers for prospective users who wanted to download the app. I ended up with 102 phone numbers, all from people who said they would absolutely love the app and download it right when it came out.

I was ecstatic. 102 downloads on the first day of launch? That's a successful app launch right there.

Well, it didn't go as planned :)

I texted 102 people today, individually, making sure to curate every message for each specific person I spoke with on campus who were kind enough to give me their phone number.

I got six texts back.


Needless to say I am not feeling so good about the project. I know its the very first day of launch and perhaps I was being a little too optimistic but... I'm just down right now.

I wanted to share this story because mostly what I see on here is something to the effect of "how I got 2,000 users on the first day!" or "50+ users without even trying".

This is the opposite. Tried hard. Failed hard.

Keep on keeping on.

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