August 25, 2019

First 10 phone numbers from prospective users!

Nick Marblestone @superunicorn

So. My app is mostly used for college kids and millennials. Those who can afford an uber/lyft all the time will not be a good market for us. With that being said, the MVP launches on the app store in less than two weeks. I needed a good base of phone numbers to start off with so when it does launch - we can get right ahead of the chicken and egg problem from the start. So, I got onto facebook and I looked at the new students group at a college not too far away. I was able to join the group which gave me access to the 2500+ members. I then started (painstakingly) messaging every member with a random prompt "hi ____! I have a random question for ya". This has so far proven to get a response 100% of the time. I told them about my app, saw if they would actually use it, and most of the time was able to get a phone number to text them when the app was live on the app store... and it feels good!

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