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SaaS is a Home for Goals, where members help out on each others goals by exchanging incentives.

September 24, 2021 App is live is now hosting months of blood, sweat & tears :D. Onboarding workflow is deployed, early user signup accounts are created and invite emails with login credentials sent. So excited to see how they use this new tool and gotta doll up social pages tomorrow to cover the Early Access shortfall. Hint: Calling community members for help here :)

September 23, 2021 First referral share

After the outreach began two nights back, we have got our first organic traffic showing up and spending more time on the landing page. I believe referral shares are the most genuine form of acceptance of your message, and what others say about you will always outweigh own newsletters, posts, content, and all that.

September 15, 2021 Published landing page

Landing page builder has confirmed domain DNS records and is issuing certi as I type this. It's far from perfect, roast it as much and I'm sure I'll keep learning from this amazing community. The prompt support guy of landing page builder is an example of how the product community adds value 24x7. Journey has just begun for me, and I'm psyched :)

May 16, 2021 Went deep into product & no-code

As a new-comer to consumer technology domain, I realized I was not communicating very effectively with technical cofounders. No-code resources were a true saviour, as progress accelerated when potential users could give clearer feedback to my overnight iterations. In these four months, I've had 30+ great potential user meetings after putting lessons from IH, Badass, Hooked, Deep Work, mindset, Seth Godin stuff and more into practice.

February 27, 2021 Got right mentors & advisors

Through lot of messaging around and through people who knew that I'm working on this problem, I got few of the right introductions, to the right people who nudged to think about the right questions. In hindsight, these connects have a truly special place, with an alignment at a very deep level, and conversations that enrich us and give remarkable clarity.

October 2, 2020 Crappy idea# 1 conceptualized

We, fellow exec MBA students, took a different view of the problem early on. Crappy idea# 1 was to give seniors a medium to share their wealth of knowledge. I think we rushed in on the customer segment, which is honestly being over-exploited by crappy marketers pushing everything in pursuit of their 'deep' pockets, and we didn't take an honest five-Whys type deep-dive. When we surveyed the 'target customer segment', we got some real insights.

June 8, 2020 Identified a challenge

In exec MBA, during an academic exchange program I got exposed to the context of ageing societies, such as Japan. It gave a new perspective of retirement and work, how our organizations and institutions keep a tab on 'money', in general and how that number in a bank account enslaves our 'non-working' lives. Read through some Quora threads which also weighed in the POV that people work for either a payment or a purpose. Found the whole reality strange

About is a Home for Goals, where members help out on each others goals by exchanging incentives.