Hit 10 Paying Subscribers!

I finally hit 10 paying subscribers. I launched an offer of $3.99 a month which seems to have helped in the last week.

I posted an image of the app in a twitter thread, where a user asked which app it was.
I replied with the link which had 50+ clicks directly to the AppStore.

Seems like i need to be more active in twitter threads and work on communicating the value of the app. Someone misunderstood the app for a book recommendation app..

The offer is stil live if any of you are interested!

Next goal: 100!

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    Good idea. Got me thinking about AI and how it can help make this app even better.

    BTW, you might want to fix this:

    1 Year Subscription $63.99
    1 Month Subscription $11.49
    1-Year Subscription $64.99
    1 Month Subscription $11.49
    Launch Subscription $3.99

    Or this repetition normal?

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      Thanks. Yes you're right about AI i've been thinking it can be used to output the right amount of pages to read, when inputting how much the user reads on each day of the week, the weather etc. could be interesting. Did you think about the same area or a different area in the app where AI would work well?

      The repetition of the subscription is because some are with free trial and some without, can't really hide them.
      If you check https://apps.apple.com/us/app/headspace-meditation-sleep/id493145008 for example it's the same.

      1. 2

        Interesting ideas; they could definitely work well for your app.
        My personal thought is that AI could be used to partition sections to be read... so that readers don't stop on the "wrong" pages i.e. in the middle of a thought or something

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    That's awesome dude. Congratulations. Still working towards my first paying customer for https://storycreatorapp.com/, I am close I can feel it. I just want to drop in and say congrats.

    I recommend this book https://www.amazon.com/Traction-Startup-Achieve-Explosive-Customer-ebook/dp/B00TY3ZOMS. I have been reading it and implementing it. I'm close to finding my main traction channel. I just need to hone in on that and have a proper pricing page integrated with Stripe.

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    Congratulations! No better feeling

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    LOVE the idea. I need this more than most! Would love to chat about it (we operate a reading club in the joinyena.com community and would be curious if we could get members using this to stay on track?). P.s. Congrats on the 10 subs!

    1. 1

      Cool! Sounds very interesting, i will write you a mail. Thanks a lot!

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    Great! Congratulations!
    A suggestion - I was hoping to see more information on the landing page. Perhaps you plan to do that at a later stage?

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      Thank you!
      Yes i will be adding more to the landing page at a later stage.

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    Could you share how much time you've spent for this project? Are you tracking the time?

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      I haven't tracked hours, but started around the beginning of the summer 2019. I wrote the app in UIKit to begin with. Then SwiftUI came out and i rewrote and redesigned a lot of things. This is while i have been working a full time time job for some months.

      I could have probably released it a lot earlier but i kept reiterating till the design felt right for me.

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    Actually, the app looks like it's would recommend something...

    Now I see what it's about, but the first impression was just that. I think it came from the imperative "read", and I used to see it as a recommendation.

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      Thank you!
      Ahh i see.. yes need to work on that part..

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    Nice, Mogens! Looking good, keep it up. :)

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    Congrats!!! That rules

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    Congrats! And here's to your next 100!

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      Yes sir! Thanks!

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    Exciting! Congrats on the milestone!

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    Congratulations, excited to see the growth!

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      Very exciting! Thanks!

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    It’s a great start - well done!

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      Thanks, appreciate it!

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