December 28, 2019

Real-time Reports & Dashboard Solution -MsExcel

SHREEDHAR P @Shreedhar

Dashboard and Reporting tool is a Light Real-Time Framework that’s easy to deploy – just save the file & start using. This solution is built on MsExcel – VBA, a popular and familiar spreadsheet MS office product which is readily available on all laptop/ desktop machines thus making it easy to deploy & use.

<< Maintainability >>
• Light Framework, No additional software required. Connects to Database using Oracle Instant Client
• Uses no-cost options & Existing infra, no additional license spend • Configurable & Easy to use Interface

<< Usability >>
• Framework saves time by having all features in one platform
• Use the Solution to Bring out process issues & ensure prompt resolution of issue • Visualize data using different charts
• Drill down to details from the summary & charts
• Single, Two/Three column layout arrangement for Data table, Charts
• View charts in Dark / Light mode • Show / Hide Summary Badges • Use Bind Parameters Reference in queries and set values during run-time