November 16, 2019

Closed my first major client!

Thomas Petersen @FirstPrinciple

This week I did a demo for a potential major client in the fire security space of RealWork.

Today they wrote me to say they are excited to move forward!

This is despite them already having started implementing another system. If it goes well they will be implementing this to all their other divisions (1000 people in all).

Time to bring out the champagne!

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    Wow that's awesome Thomas. Congratulation.

    May I know if there a particular industry or industries you are targeting? And do you price it per user?

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      Fundamentally I am targetting the 80% of the workforce who doesn't sit behind a computer to do their job. Construction, retail, manufacturing, installation, inspection, hospitality anything that requires humans to go out in the real world and do their job.

      My model is not fully developed but I am doing the following.

      Mobile apps are free tier. You can create todos and manage 80% of what you need to do from the mobile although creating lists obviously isn't as fast as doing it on the web.

      If the company wants to control the team and have more control they use the web-app which is a much more advanced version and gives them much more control.

      I will then charge those pro users per usage per month. I.e. if a user have used the app within a given month they will pay, if not they won't.

      I am developing a flexible pricing model that is "recession-proof" so to speak.

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        Hey Thomas, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the answers.

        It's very interesting what you are working on. I currently live in India where a large percentage of the workforce is actually not behind a computer.