November 13, 2019

Did our first demo for a potential client

Thomas Petersen @FirstPrinciple

Yesterday I presented and demoed RealWork (a communication and task management tool for the non-desktop workforce) for our first potential customer. This was a big day because it was going to prove if there was value in what we are doing. The demo went great and after I was done they started to discuss amongst each other which is what you want them to do. I answered the questions, probably went a little too far on a few answers (once you're done pitching, stop pitching and just answer questions). However, overall it went very well and they all saw the value this would bring.

What's interesting about this space is that 80% of the workforce belongs to this non-desktop category yet only 1% of investments from silicon valley goes into this space. Most of the productivity improvements have benefitted the desktop workforce, we want to change that. Will follow up with whether they say yes or no. Both are milestones as it will teach us something important about our product and how to sell it.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 6K MRR + huge affiliate marketing learning for you
    We hit another significant milestone this week. We reached $6,000 MRR after a little over six months of being in business. ![6k MRR BABY](https://hype
  • 10 Sales!
    10 people decided my content was worth $20! I am still happy with a one-off payment - I now have 18 videos, each is 10-15m for approximately 3 hours o
  • Trying out a monetization strategy
    Decided to give affiliate links a go for Open Startup List, now that my traffic is steady around ~700 page views p
  • Product Hunt Launch! 🚀
    Today is launch day! 🚀 My baby is on Product Hunt right now! I am a freelance web
  • 30 subscribers!!
    The number itself is small, nothing, if compared with many others here, but the feeling is great anyway! It's been 11 days since I decided to launch t
  • First users onboarded!
    I've had a few people I've known install the app via TestFlight in the past few weeks, but today was the first time I invited a stranger on the intern
  • Rebuild Complete
    It's been an extremely busy few months for When I launched the site last year, the goal was to "accelerate the transition to remote
  • I just sold the first copy!
    Okay, wow. This feels thrilling, unexpected and rewarding at the same time. Someone just bought a copy of Folge, even though app is still in Beta. I h
  • Launching Profiles!
    You can now see your own profiles on smalltuts. I'm going to be focusing my content on bootstrapping so check out my page:
  • New Intro Video on the Website
    I recorded a new intro video for the Lakebed website. It no longer uses the computer voice, and in my opinion, does a pretty good