200 Sold copies

Within less than a week, https://rebase-book.com sales skyrocketed to over 200 sales and counting!

The biggest jump in sales was made on the 30 January, one day before the official release. The reason for that is most likely that this was the last day people could buy the book for 40% off.

I'm really happy to see that even after the full price being active, sales are coming in regularly.

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    Yay! Congrats 🙌

    What channels did you use to market the book launch?

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      Thanks @yanus!

      The channels I've used (and still am using are):

      • My Twitter channel (https://twitter.com/PascalPrecht) - Actually turns out that most of my customers got to know about the book through twitter. Certainly my most important channel.
      • My company's blog (https://blog.thoughtram.io) - I've added a little banner to the blog-post view. We have several thousand readers every day so a good subset of those click the banner and end up on https://rebase-book.com.
      • My company's newsletter - We've got a few thousand subscribers there as well, so I could send out a newsletter with a special discount code out of which also a good handful converted.
      • Indie Hackers milestones - Since the book was written within 2 months, it was feasible to put out a milestone update every week. The community here is very engaging which often caused my milestones to be on the IH homepage. That in turn causes a good amount of people to run into the REBASE landing page.
      • Hacker News SHOW page (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22200222#22210196) - This one even made it up all the way to #3 and it's still on the front page, so I'm getting quite a lot of traffic from there and new customers as well.

      I think those are my main channels. Hope this answers your question!

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    How have you done your marketing until now and how do you plan to do it going forward?

    I have a course coming out, do you have any tips?

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      Hey @pagemonk

      I can certainly say that the strongest impact in sales is driven by my follower audience on twitter. Most of my customers got to know about the book from there and most of them follow me there because of my involvement in the JavaScript community over the past years.

      For more information check out this comment: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/rebase-book/200-sold-copies--M-4Keh0hRvgsbIGFXrA?commentId=-M-9KtZj3naeLQFs25-d&utm_campaign=forum-notification&utm_medium=email&utm_source=indie-hackers-emails

      I'll also write a blog post about how I authored and published this book within 2 months. If there's anything you want to have covered, please respond to this thread here: https://twitter.com/PascalPrecht/status/1224101076749733900

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        Thank you for replying. I followed you on Twitter. Will wait for your blogpost.

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