December 29, 2019

65 Sold Copies

Pascal Precht @PascalPrecht

Another week, another milestone! Actually reached my goal to sell 65 copies of REBASE. Here are some things I've done this holiday week:

  • Finished and fine-tuned chapter 4
  • Created illustrations
  • Added illustrations to the landing page so people get a bit more of an idea what they'll get
  • Copy and wording fine-tuning of the landing page
  • Half-way through chapter 5

What's cool is that it's been just 4 weeks since I've started the project and I've sold more copies than I'd imagined, wrote more than half of the book and even reached the $ 1000+ gross revenue milestone a few days ago.

Next week I want to finish up chapter 5 and half of chapter 6. There are 8 chapters in total so things are going good!

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