August 11, 2019

Launched on product hunt


I recently launched a windows app to help us recall sensitive /important information quickly and storing it securely on computer hard drive.

We have to deal with a lot of information these days, aws/azure/google cloud credentials, debit/credit card pin, paypal/godaddy website credentials, expiry dates and much more. We should be able to store these information quickly and recall it later quickly.

Storing it on the web could be risky and saving it on computer drive in a text format is also risky.

The app saves information on the local drive but in encrypted form, so even if someone has access to your computer/laptop, he cannot read the information.
You can set the password when you first time run the app and then afterwards whenever you open the app it asks for the password, before you can see the information you saved.

You can give it a try here:

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