September 18, 2020

1st paying member of Recoon!

Anna Grigoryan @annadante

Yes, we did it, we got the first paying member in Recoon community.

Also a small retrospective on our Producthunt launch yesterday.

  • we went to 10th place on producthunt,
  • got featured in the twitter account (is this happening to everyone or we can think that we're a cool product? :D )
  • a lot of good feedback,
  • 270+ upvotes,
  • 400 unique views.

Although it was a bit stressful mostly it was really exciting to launch our project and put Recoon on map as a go to place for podcasters.

We also introduced a free plan yesterday, so people can get a mini-experience with us:

Check it out here:

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    Congrats ūüéČ why did you decide with a free plan?

    1. 1

      we decided to do free plan just because a few people asked, but if you go to our website now, we removed it. We understood that it adds a lot of workflow, and as for sales funnel it's not gonna be as effective, as our livestreams.