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Red Goose was quacked into existence when I was working on another project. It converts a website into a fully-functional mobile app.

September 29, 2020 Implemented a Kotlin Starter App

Red Goose is all about getting on the app stores quickly.

It's in our mission.

We do this by automating the app creation process and turnaround with a ready-to-publish app in just a few hours.

Up until now, we had been delivering Android apps for our clients using the TWA technique, which is just a simple wrapper over a progressive website (PWA). It works great and we know at least a thousand apps on the Google Play store that use TWA under the hood.

However, there is also a limitation to a TWA.

Businesses often have very specific needs that are complex enough to justify using native stack on the app. And in such a scenario it is better to keep the full power of Kotlin development at hand as opposed to simply wrapping a website on a TWA chassis.

No, this is not to imply that TWA doesn't have its place.

It's very useful.

However, a TWA can leave the developer stranded on the Google Play store in future should they need to develop more custom native app later. After having collaborated with a bunch of real businesses in the past few months we have arrived on an option that uses Kotlin to produce the Red Goose Android apps.

This app can be used as a starter app for custom Android development in the future, as your business grows and the functionality becomes increasingly complex.

We'll be outing this option on the Red Goose website soon and are super excited to see what the developers will make of it. Honk!

July 17, 2020 Implemented Fastlane

The process of app submission on the app stores has always been such a huge pain. 😣Every time there is a new functionality or a securer build of the app, we have to sign the app again, provision some profiles, and rebuild the binaries to even begin the submission process on the app stores.

Not to mention getting new screenshots up for the app, and that long streak of checking those checkboxes on Apple / Google that finally take us to submission for approval.

It is super slow. Arcane. And repetitive.

So this week we focused on implementing Fastlane on Red Goose apps for automated deployments.

Fastlane is a configurable open-source CLI tool aimed at simplifying Android and iOS deployments. It allows app submission from the comfort of your terminal, without having to open Xcode or Android Studio. Word is that if done right, it is possible to deploy an iOS or Android app from a Windows machine!

Anyway, since deployment is a critical aspect of owning and running an app, we decided to make this feature available to all our Red Goose customers for no extra cost. 🤙🏻

Honk, it away! 💯

June 29, 2020 Implemented Purchase Price Parity

From my earliest one-on-one conversations with developers out there, I knew that we needed Purchase Price Parity on Red.Goose. A developer from Indonesia, for example, cannot afford to buy a RG license that has been priced according to western markets only. Our pricing had to be one that is not only affordable to everyone but also scaled according to the context of economy a customer was in. Hence, PPP.

Happy to inform that I finished implementing PPP today. I am hoping to roll it out in a few days after testing.

June 6, 2020 Got my first paying customer

Today one of my first trial customers for Red Goose converted to paid. I noticed when I got the email from Stripe last night that said "Payment of $79/-".

It feels amazing! Just 99 more of these and I'll be exactly where I want to be with my business.

–Marvin Danig

May 23, 2020 A gosling, an MVP

Meet the tiniest and cutest Red Goose ever!

We are accepting limited invitees now, to help us try the product folks. If you have a solid responsive web app, we'll be able to turn it into a mobile app in just a few hours. For FREE!

It works for all the sites that I have tried the goose on, but the chick is still learning to fly, frankly. Hit me up on [email protected] if you wanna take it out for a ride.

February 7, 2020 Stumbled upon the idea…

I landed on this idea last week while working on another project of mine. We wanted to publish an iOS app for the website (a bookstore) that we have, but also keep it inexpensive and easy without the burden of adding a new codebase.

Think of a glorified webview, fwiw…

…this way we could handle the UX/UI of the iOS & Android apps using our web application. Trust me, it was such a pleasure to see our web UI to reflect on all the native apps without having to build native apps again.

Turns out that there are quite a few businesses that already solve this problem. But most, if not all, use a very old and outdated wrapper like that of Phonegap or Cordova. Some others use UIKit which too was deprecated and is now being forced out of service by Apple!

So I decided to write my own wrapper using SwiftUI and quickly turned it into a service for others to make use of. This post is a Red Herring, of course, and it may not work out for everyone just yet, but you can't tell a duck from a goose, eh? Or can you? tck, tck.

–Marvin Danig


Red Goose was quacked into existence when I was working on another project. It converts a website into a fully-functional mobile app.