November 29, 2019

Social media presence - first 10 likes

Russell King @kinorouk

Yes, I am celebrating 10 likes on the reetlist facebook page. It's important to celebrate all wins, big and small.

Perhaps not this small I guess. Nevertheless, there it is. The facebook page and twitter account were finally setup last night.

After plenty of pain messing around with the facebook graph api and twitter developer page, I finally have a system in place whereby whenever I feature a list, a link to the list will automatically be posted to fb/twitter.

It's interesting that those 10 likes came from inviting around 150 of my "friends" on facebook. Only 6% went out of their way to like my page. Tough crowd!

My plans for growth over the next week involve getting in contact with various creative types to see if I can tempt them to create some content on reetlist. I will also continue to post my own content to keep things ticking. And fixing bugs... and taking feature requests... and changing the babies nappies. Alas.

Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch :-)


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