December 12, 2019

Pens Away! We're using pencils now!

Fitz Nowlan @fitzn

We've been working on our automated testing framework for over a year now and the product has grown tremendously in so many facets. One area that we intentionally ignored until now is the concept of editing a recorded test. It's always technically correct to re-record the test, even if it's a pain. So, we deferred first-classing the Test Editing feature until we had a concrete grasp on the requirements of the problem and the trade-offs in the solutions.

We knew we needed to support editing in some capacity. Even in situations where re-recording the test is actually faster, we (as users ourselves) STILL felt instinctually that we would rather edit than record. Why is that? Maybe it's due to fear of introducing new behavior in the re-recorded version of the test.

In any event, we feel we have the information we need to proceed. So, we jammed on a couple of different designs over the last week and we have put our shoulders to the wheel and begun the work to build it out. We're ecstatic about the design and the build-out is exciting. We're sharing sneak previews with a few of our clients next week. Hopefully we'll get some great feedback and notch a "win" for us as we head into Christmas and the rest of the holidays.

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