November 11, 2019


Fitz Nowlan @fitzn

We continue to improve our prioritization, as it's a crucial skill for us. We have a constant stream of product feedback from initial users, but we need to balance product improvements with our growth efforts (marketing, outreach, relationship-building). We don't want to optimize for local maxima and let the pipeline dry up, but we also don't want to capture a massive audience without a clear, self-evident value proposition within the product.

What we are trying to home in on is the key subset of features that users really rely on and, ultimately, use as their implicit litmus test for whether the product is valuable or not. As that subset emerges, it will make it easier to classify product feedback into important, or not. That, in turn, allows us to focus on growth initiatives with confidence that we won't lose users due to poor quality as long as that key subset continues to perform as expected.

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