September 28, 2020

2 new subscribers on the $100 /mo plan

Afrocoder @Mundia

1 week ago we launched a new service at called RefMonkey Done-for-you where we create done-for-you referral and affiliate campaigns on your behalf. We do outreach to affiliate marketers on your behalf, set up referral systems for your business and get raving fans talking about your business.

Excited to say we have 2 new subscribers on the $100 /mo plan 1 week after launching the service.
With a growing user base at, we have been churning out lots of new feature additions as well as integrating with as many platforms as possible. A few of the major updates to refmonkey are a new affiliate dashboard, payout requests, redeemed rewards, and many more.

Marketing activities that work for us

-Communicate and engage with the relevant communities including Indie Hackers.
-We run Google, Twitter and Facebook ads.

Going forward we wish to maintain and grow the momentum at which is growing. Excited for the future!

Thank you for all your support and trust!

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    Eager to know, is this dfy service is manual process you guys do?

      1. 1

        How will you scale it then, you will need more manpower ..

        1. 2

          "do what doesn't scale" - pg

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    I'm excited to be one of those customers :)

    I originally found out about your service here about a month or so ago and then I read about your dfy service from an email you sent out.

    I love trying to use as many IndieHacker businesses as possible with my own business.

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    Nice where did you find the DFY clients?

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    This looks and sounds fantastic. I'm on Tapfiliate now for $70 and it doesn't do what I need (one time 'bonus' for new subscribers then a % of recurring revenue after that). If so, I think it may be 3 real soon.

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      I also wanted the ability to offer a % of recurring revenue for the affiliate program. Refmonkeys did not have that feature but they added it for me in a couple of days of asking.

      I just added this code to my app after I receive a webhook from stripe on a successful payment to track the recurring revenue award:

      referral_amount = payment_amount * 0.30 "", {:identifier => account_id, :advocate_reward => "#{referral_amount} USD"},{:Authorization => 'apikey'}

      I don't believe they have a one-time bonus feature but I'm sure they could add it for you quickly if you ask or you can just use the purchase API to give a one time bonus on each signup.