August 5, 2020

Current stats for refmonkey

Afrocoder @Mundia

It's been a month now since the release of the MVP of refmonkey and I've been receiving a lot of great feedback from early adopters and the product is completely different and more feature rich than it was on the MVP. I also took on an amazing new cofounder and together we will grow to become an exceptional product on the market.
We recently just launched the first version of refmonkey, that could probably explain the low conversion rate and the free plan would take a bit of time for users to exceed its limitations. Early adopters have been able to easily set up a referral program for their products using refmonkey.

💰 $ 0 MRR

😐 0 Paid clients

😊 63 free plan users

☺️ 2.2k visitors

Check it out:

  1. 4

    What i really like and I already see this as a huge success is : How polished and easy to use is design.

    Plus plans are great and not too expensive!

    Love it, great job.

    1. 1

      Thank you very much!

  2. 3

    Your pricing should be targetted at businesses with revenue and not startups.

    Charging $49 per month isn't a bad idea. Your pricing is low atm and might scare off establishes businesses.

    You should put your pricing higher to attract more comitted users with a longer retention.

    Best Regards


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