January 17, 2020

110 Freemium users - 0 paid


I haven't added an update for a long time, but I did some work in the mean time, I've built a tool to get the emails from YouTube accounts that commented on specific videos related to video seo. I've tried a few email types, and one stood out with around 30-40% open rate and around 10% response rate, which is pretty good.

Still I wasn't able to even convert any of these users to paid users, this is why I've stopped developing the product and I'm trying to invest all my time allocated to this project for marketing and sales.

The only update that I've done in the last few week was:

  • Auto login after a user creates an account. (After seeing so many users struggling with the login after they create the account)
  • Changed some buttons text, in order to make them easier to understand.
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