September 9, 2019

API Documentation is ready

Patrick van Marsbergen @marsbergen

It has been a bit quiet in the last week but I haven't sit still.
I've released the JSON API documentation, so there is no reason not to try it out any more!

The JSON API is featuring API keys to give you the ability to invalidate unauthorised access to your data, caching headers to give you the ability to cache the response since the last change.
The API is restricted to 5 requests per second to give everyone the ability to use the platform. Since the platform is still free, the resources are limited so it would be nice if you won't overdo any calls at this point 🤪
(Hint) donations can fix that 😇

The platform itself has the able to run up to 100's of requests per second even consecutive since it's running asynchronous with Vert.x.

Do you want to know more about the tech stack or have any questions about the platform, please let me know! I've happy to answer them all!

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