September 18, 2019

Pricing page is live!

Patrick van Marsbergen @marsbergen

So, since I think it's important to give any user a feel what they can expect when they are browsing your startups I've set up a pricing page for Releaseflags.

Of course Releaseflags is free for developers and I want to keep it that way, but I am playing with the thought to charge Startups (at low costs). Features you will receive is all about collaboration. I'm also working on supporting Customer Segments which you can request when you are fetching for Feature Flags.
When there is interest for more use of the platform with extended Customer Segments and Audit logs, I'll start development of the Enterprise plan, which is of course a bit more expensive since it needs more machines and support.

I hope you like the pricing, I'm always looking for feedback so please let me know!

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