January 2, 2020

December '19 Update

Erik van Eykelen @evaneykelen

Two months ago, on November 2nd at 2:30 at night, I put the releasewise.com site live. That same week the Early Access Program opened up for “test drivers”. In the meantime I started working with a marketing/SEO specialist to finetune the growth plan for 2020.

2020 will be the defining year for Releasewise. I have to prove that it provides significant value for project managers, product owners, and product makers in general. I look forward to working with the first group of customers to make the product better and to shape the product into its more final form.

Even though there’s a working product, a public site, and a certain degree of certainty about what Releasewise “is”, I am still convinced that the product will likely make a few twists and turns before finding a “visible position”. Finding the right description, in texts and images, that explains your product in 3 seconds, using words that people use to Google your “painkiller” is incredibly hard.

In Q1 2020 I’m planning to drum up attention, and sign up the first paying customers. If you happen to know folks who struggle with an influx of information coming from all sides, and who need to manage developers and designers (and customers!) to do the right thing based on all this data, then let me know.

All the best! On to 2020!

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