December 1, 2019

November '19 Update

Erik van Eykelen @evaneykelen

Six months ago, on June 1st, I started designing and building a new SaaS product. What have I accomplished in November?

A small number of people have started to use Tool #1, the drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy to move data between project management tools. Users like it and want more of the same in the form of integrations with additional tools. The roadmap from tool #1 to #25 is pretty clear now.

The Early Access Program runs until the end of December. Paid plans will start on January 1st 2020. People who signed up for an invite over the summer received their discount code this month (drop me a line if you slipped through the cracks!).

I received nice feedback about the site design, texts, images, animations, and SEO issues. Please take a look (again) at the site because even the logo got a nice upgrade.

I’ve lined up someone who’s going to assist me with a growth plan, and I’m talking to folks who might come on board in 2020.

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