March 29, 2020

Published First Edition of the Newsletter

Bora Öztunç @boraoztunc

I have a deep interest in topics like technology, society, education, psychology, and design. So I tried to curate a newsletter combining with the remote jobs listed on the website and started publishing today as weekly Sunday editions to a subscriber pool of 600 people. (my work contacts mostly.)

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
So, here we go.

In this week’s edition:

🌎 Remote jobs, work is where home is now.
🛠 Tools, making our lives easy.
🧠 Articles, for mind-food.
💎 TED Talks, brilliant people educate and inspire.
🤔 Words, stuck with us.
🎶 Music, playing on the loop.
📰 What else, news all around our planet.