December 7, 2019

Ep #1: A virtual office for distributed teams

Hrishikesh Pardeshi @hrishikesh1990

Vivek Nair (Cofounder, Pragli) started building his first startup, Stacksware, while at Stanford and had already raised $2 million from the likes of Lightspeed Ventures and Greylock Partners before graduation. Raising capital while in college was a huge validation for the team and almost surreal.

Two years later, Vivek and his co-founders decided to exit and sold Stacksware to Avi Networks. Interestingly, the Stacksware team, by this point, wasn’t able to grow at the pace VC funded companies are required to and this heavily influenced the decision.

Vivek’s journey as an entrepreneur and a maker has been quite interesting. Post Stacksware, he worked for a couple of years remotely, basis which he derived inspiration for his current product, Pragli.

Currently only a two member team (Vivek and Doug, both engineers), Vivek speaks about what problem(s) he plans to solve with Pragli, how he plans to reach the target audience of remote teams and also, the biggest challenges he is facing with Pragli right now.

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