August 30, 2019

750 signups this month

Suvansh Bansal @Suvansh_Flexiple

This month we have had 750 new users signing up on and I'd like to share some insights on how we achieved them.

  1. ~80% of the user signups are the colleagues of the remote-first product makers whose products were posted this month.

  2. ~15% engaged with other remote-first products posted on the platform with the majority going to Twist - the Slack alternative built by Todoist.

Targets for next month:

Rather than focus on the metrics since it is just a month since we launched. We intend to focus more on the inputs.

Thus, we aim to work on content to improve on SEO and distribution on social media to get more organic users to the platform.

Question to the community:

As a remote worker, what blocks you from working as productively as you can on a daily basis?

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