January 15, 2020

Launched Remote Work 2020 πŸš€

Hrishikesh Pardeshi @hrishikesh1990

Our most ambitious project to date, Remote Work 2020, is now live πŸŽ‰ You can view the project at Remote Work 2020. We are also live and trending on Product Hunt (you can find us on the homepage) - so, do give us a shoutout if you like our efforts πŸ™Œ

What is Remote Work 2020?

Remote Work 2020 is the culmination of all our efforts and learnings thus far basis our personal experiences, insights from our conversations with leaders of top remote companies & remote-first makers, and stories of successful remote workers.

It is a combination of 3 sections -

  1. State of Remote Work 2020: Stats, figures & insights based on our survey of 331 remote workers from Invision, Gitlab, Doist and many more distributed teams!

  2. Remote work guide: Our commentary (totaling 7,122 words) on pressing topics around remote work based on learnings from interactions with leaders of distributed teams and successful remote workers.

  3. 5 Podcasts & 13 stories: The actual source of truth for us πŸ˜€. The collection of podcasts with leaders from Gitlab, Invision, Doist, Scrapinghub, FlexJobs, etc. and chronicles of remote workers - the people we have learnt the intricacies of remote work from!

In what order should you read the Remote Work 2020?

We created Remote Work 2020 to be your go-to resource whenever you want to refer a particular topic around remote working, borrow inspiration from others who have been working remotely/ leading remote teams or to simply fulfil your curiosity around what's what in the world of remote work! Just FYI, each section is independent of any other.

I know all of us are busy and it is going to be tough to read through the entire content, even in multiple sittings. So here's my recommendation on what you should definitely read:

  1. Managing a remote team - This is by far the most relevant section. Even if you are not leading a team, the topics we cover here (and the solutions thereafter) are things you will find useful and immediately executable for your team.

  2. Battling loneliness - As an individual remote worker, you will find this section very intriguing. We have also covered best practices as a team, that you can implement, to first acknowledge and then tackle, loneliness.

  3. Culture in a remote team and Being remote-first - I would recommend you read this after you have covered 'managing a remote team' since these sections delve into finer details on how best to build and function as a remote team.

  4. Podcasts and Chronicles - We have summarised each podcast and story, pick and choose any that interest you.

  5. State of remote work 2020 and Is remote the future? - These sections should primarily give you a benchmark on where remote work is headed and what other remote workers are thinking. You can browse through them whenever you have some spare time, while travelling or when you are taking a short break from work.

Eager to hear your thoughts/ feedback!

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