June 4, 2020

To remote or not to remote: Not a choice anymore!

Hrishikesh Pardeshi @hrishikesh1990

The reality of remote work has been fast forwarded by 10-15 years given the COVID crisis. We were all pushed into remote work suddenly and now, even large companies like FB, Twitter etc. are taking a full-time leap into remote.

Remote working is close to our heart and we've been working on a host of initiatives over the past couple of years - Products, Guides, Podcasts, Stories!

However, we still felt there was something missing. Existing communities around remote work only focus on jobs giving us a gazillion job boards!

They miss the basic human need - to interact. And for us as remote workers, we need to belong, relate and learn from others who understand the journey we are on.

Hence, we set out to build an exclusive remote-focussed community.

Today, I am super excited to share that we are officially live - The Remote Clan 🚀 🔥

The community website you see right now is the culmination of all our efforts over the past year and half. I would really love if you spend some time on the website and share your thoughts 😀

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Delete a user account for the first time😣
    I sent a notification email to users and one of them DMed me on Twitter, saying he wants to be removed from AskMakers… Ouch! My heart got bumped a bit
  • Started something new!
    Hi Indie Hackers! Like many of you, I've read the super interesting [post](https://www.indiehackers.com/post/creating-dynamically-generated-images-for
  • First $100 in Ad Sales
    Just last night I closed 2 ad spots for remotists.substack.com at $50 each. Both were for remote tech roles for a global audience. I recently added a
  • Created a demo Weather Widget
    I built the first of hopefully many demo widgets over the weekend to show what's possible with sheet2api. This one takes a spreadsheet which has been
  • Finished MVP Launched on Gumroad.com
    After looking at my case study for gumroad. People asked me create a service that needs complete redesign their websites. I created a bunch of example
  • New features
    Super happy that I've now added spaced repetition and revision notes to Mathematico! Spaced repetition: when users complete an exercise, it gets added
  • First 100+ likes on Facebook page
    Last month we were focused on gaining first users and fixing bugs. Here's what we tried: — engaging our personal FB audience through a series of annou
  • Blinding Lights - The Weekend, software UI Lyrics
    How to showcase UI in a more interactive way and dance while doing so? Showcasing UI is often boring, that's why we've created a video with lyrics in
  • Idea Validated
    Friday I launched an ad campaign on Facebook to validate the idea. How did I do it? - Made a nice looking add using Canva - I've already experimented
  • June update
    Even tough the weather mostly has been fantastic in June I've managed to put in some significant work on QuizMe since I have vacation from day-job. I'