December 25, 2019

Starting Christmas with SEO updates

Leo Kwan @leojkwan

Merry Christmas Indie Hackers!

I'm kicking off christmas with a bit of work before spending the day off with family and festivities.

I spent the day splitting my website into 2 sites: a true vanilla landing page hosted on Firebase, and an angular SPA for serving public workout programs published by coaches.

Improved SEO. I could not figure out how to properly deploy my angular app through SSR: angular universal. If you have an angular app, you may or may not know that google's crawlers do not pick up its meta titles and descriptions. I tried some hacks and thought it worked, but after a site audit on, I realized my seo score on was poor.

Anyways, I added og meta tags and descriptions to the two most important pages I want crawled, ranked and landed on by athletes and coaches, so here they are (nice work Courtland on the automatic link cards in this text editor).

Benefits of moving my angular app to

  • The bloated parts of the original landing page is not I don't know if its a good idea to maintain two urls, but I didn't have any other solution for fixing my SEO woes on the links above.
    Additionally, I plan on having the links on 'onsuperfit' to be 'nofollow' since its sole purpose is for coaches to share their workouts with friends and clients. It should prevent abuse from bad actors making publishing profiles and workouts just to boost their backlinks and presence.

Here is an example of how my angular app serves user profiles.

Last point -> My google speed test went from like 12 on mobile, to 78. I ripped out helpscout's help sdk (I really don't need it until a user is using my web app and needs assistance/documentation reference, from which then they would be on my other angular SPA, This app is the saas tool for fitness professionals to build, manage, and publish workouts programs.

Hopefully this update resonates with someone. Happy holidays.

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