October 15, 2019

Made public to the world

Andreas B @abinnewies

This is the first time I've ever made a side-project public. Feels scary!

It's taken a ton of iterations, testing and private releases to get to the point where it feels okay putting it out there. And there are most definitely minor bugs that need to be fixed before it's perfect, but it feels good to just get it out there.

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    We're happy you've decided to share it with the world! Let us know if you're looking for feedback or help.

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      Thanks ovi! Would love any feedback you can offer.

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        I think a visual preview of the interface would encourage people to install/test out.
        You mentioned a 30day trial - there is no free tier after the fact, correct?
        The mechanics of actual copy/pasting are also make-or-break - for example, is there a separate keyboard shortcut binding?

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          Thanks for the feedback Ovi.

          1. A visual preview of the interface is a great idea! Added to the todo list.

          2. There's no free tier after the 30 days run out. I've been toying with the idea of making it free for 2 machines, or locking down specific features, but thus far have left it as-is. Any suggestions on this?

          3. The copy/paste works as normal for strings: you copy on one machine, paste on another. No keyboard bindings required. However, I've been working on adding support for other pasteboard types (files, images, etc...) and those don't seem to be as straightforward. Some special UI may be required (at least for files).

          Thanks for taking a look and offering feedback. I really appreciate it.

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            1. I think keeping it as 30day free trial works great - I would maybe clearly state 'no credit card required' to further lower friction
            2. so this app replaces the standard ctrl/cmd+v, huh? I used to use ClipMenu, switched to Clipy, and really love the additional power provided by history & snippets. The UI is thoroughly lacking, though (though the more out-of-the-way, the better)

            For clarification, this would also work well for VMs, right? If you're using just one computer with multiple instances, this should speed up your workflow, correct? That may help in identifying your target persona

            taking a look and offering feedback.
            That's what we're here for! Do use the upvote button though :D

            Have you considered adding an FAQ/Documentation page? It may make potential users trust that they can find help when they need it (especially self-sufficient dev types)

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              1. That's a great idea! Added to the todo list.
              2. It actually doesn't replace it -- it'll just propagate any (string related) clipboard changes to other connected machines. Ctrl/Cmd+V are still handled by the OS, Remotely will just keep your clipboards in sync.

              I've been thinking the target persona is someone who uses multiple computers on the regular (for instance one mac, one PC) but doesn't want to have multiple keyboards/mice on the desk. It's a software replacement for a hardware switch.

              I'm not totally following the VM use case, how were you imaging that?

              A FAQ/Documentation page is a great idea. Added to the list!

              Thanks for all the great questions/suggestions -- upvoted!