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The future of work is global #remote. Remotime allows you to manage your time, tasks and invoicing in 1 convenient app.

October 4, 2021 Freelancer Invoicing- Multiple Client Support

Released version 2.4.0, which brough a few improvements:

  • Simplified colors and updated landing page design. The important information is much easier to see now.
  • Shortcut button to match task time to remaining time of the day
  • Tasks are now grouped by client, so you can see the total hours worked per client on the day.
  • Client groups are collapsable, so you can focus on one client at a time.
  • Auto-complete for previous tasks that were added before.


April 19, 2021 Remotime 2.0: Free Tier for Indie Hackers!!!

Well, it took a little longer than expected, but Remotime finally has a free tier. Previously, the app was paid, and would allow on-device data + the ability to generate invoices from your tasks. This proved to be a terrible acquisition strategy - little to no purchases, because well - no-one is going to buy the app without at least trying it out first.

Finally, that is a thing of the past!

What you get for free: Track what you're spending your time on, and for which clients. Data is maintained on-device.

And introducing subscription plans for freelancers, which gives you:

  • collate all your time and tasks into a pdf invoice you can email your clients (based on your hourly rate, or custom cost)
  • an online account, so you can access your data from any mobile device (and Apple Silicon Macs!)

Turns out authentication + mobile in-app purchases + online data storage is quite a task, but we finally got there.

At the moment, there's not much extra to simply adding time and tasks on the free tier, so if you're an indie hacker, and there's some features you'd like to see for tracking your projects, download the app and let me know!

iOS App Store:

Google Play Store:

February 3, 2020 Submitted first invoice via Remotime :)

There have been some issues getting the app out to the app stores, but this month my own personal invoice that I send every month was sent out via Remotime, using the tasks and time I had captured there. Next stop is releasing Remotime on the apple and google play stores so others can benefit from the app too :)

September 17, 2019 MVP completed! Released to Private Beta

After much toil, invoice generation and sending is finally 'complete'. Private beta release is out the door :)
Next step is to try and garner more private beta testers to figure out what's missing / which features are most important to build on.
To that end, if you're reading this, and you're a contractor billing time to customers, then I'd really appreciate some feedback on the app. Drop me a mail with your email and platform preference (iOS or Android) to get add to the list, or fill out the private beta request here
The next step (besides garnering more user feedback on the UX), is getting to work on the cloud backend, as this will be offered as part of the subscription pricing.

August 20, 2019 Private Beta Release (Time & Task tracking)

Finally got the last bits for time and task tracking released to private beta groups. iOS & Android. Now on to generating invoices for the task time logged :) If there are any remote contractors out there who would like to be a part of the private beta testing group, feel free to contact me with your email address & preferred platform.

January 1, 2019 Solo Founder Appropriate Idea

For three years I had been working on a product, but the implementation required large scale implementation (3 different cross platforms apps), so this year I decided to build something with smaller scale, that I could ship inside a year.

They say you should scratch your own itch, and as an international contractor, I've been managing my time (spreadsheets), tasks (trello) and invoicing (zipbooks) in different areas. Come time to invoice at the end of the month was a pain, so I set out to build an app where you can do all 3 in 1 place - hence Remotime!

The hope is that the smaller scale project will accommodate the time I have between day job and family commitments, while still being able to ship something within 12 months.


The future of work is global #remote. Remotime allows you to manage your time, tasks and invoicing in 1 convenient app.