September 24, 2020

22 Days, Hitting 2000 subscribers

Fil Vdg @filvdg

We are at 2026 to be precise for . We still see a very big inflow from reddit when we post a link to the content and the newsletter is shared more. We have been testing with what is the best moment to send it out and for us Tuesday is the best day. We started up with twitter 2 weeks ago and are seeing there some early uptake too. Exciting times.

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    It would be interesting to see how you use Reddit to promote. It's such a sensitive platform for sharing content that comes across as even remotely promotional. How are you achieving that?

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      First of all, we post a link to the full content of the newsletter issue with a good title, thats about it , no commercial blabla.
      We post in personal name , so it looks like we are a subscriber to the newsletter who share.
      We first tried multiple communities to see where the content sticks. you go all in there , stop posting where your content does not stick. try to focus on the best , maximum 3-4.
      In the end be honest and reply to questions , we have a newsletter every week and we see that the more we post in the same communities we get more upvotes week over week.

      you need an established user account , don't try it with a new one.
      to establish a user account, contribute to the communities you are interested in.

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        Some more toughts ... your content will stick in a community where it brings value , insights. Select a title that highlights "Why someone needs to read it"
        what will the person learn, whats the value.

        not "a story about a turtle and a rabbit"
        "Learn how to make a difference with persistence"

        whats in it for the reader

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    Agreed with above comment, reddit is SO sensitive with self promotion would be great to see how you're solving for that

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    Any specific promotion strategy on reddit or are you guys just providing loads of value?

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    How are you monetizing the newsletter?

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      Not yet , we will wait at least a year , when we hit between 20.000 and 50.000 subscribers and i expect /hope we will start to get request from employers to be featured

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    I think it's cool that you bought it at 1200 subscribers. Not a bad idea for people who want a pre-validated product. But I imagine it was a lot of work to adopt a new project and get 800+ new subs in just 3 weeks. Two questions about that:

    1. Did you have to change Remotists very much from what it looked like when you first bought it?

    2. If you did make any changes, which one had the biggest ROI?

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      Good question.
      First of all , Shiva who we bought remotists from did an amazing job in building it up to 1200+ subscribers. he did a lot of manual work. His challenge was that he did not have the resources/time to bring it to a next level.
      Compiling a list of 100 remote jobs every week is intensive so it needed to be automated and on top of that we identified a number of quick wins.

      • Making the website responsive: Mobile is a key channel for newsletter readership
      • Registering the social media accounts and starting to build them (we have 30 twitter followers from 0 in 14 days)
      • Building up the tech stack to find the remote jobs , classify them and prepare them for publication. (this is still in progress)
      • In the past Reddit was already a channel that worked , we communicated to the audience that we were serious and that we needed help to make it better. We received good feedback that we implemented. this got the ball rolling faster.

      I don't want to disclose the full roadmap but we made a vision on where we want to be and we try now to execute in the right direction on every level.

      Best ROI ? Building the tech stack and automate the processes to publish, it improves quality and reduces time we need to build the content every week. Reducing operational work gives you time to innovate.

      Our Goal is to hit 50.000 subscribers by the end of 2021

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        How did you automate compiling the list of remote jobs and the publishing? I’m writing a newsletter on automation at

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          hi , nothing fancy recipes , sorry , all custom code we build ourselves

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    Impressive ! If I may ask, have you launched only on twitter and reddit or did you have a beta list of users ?

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      Hi , check our history , remotists was started by another bootstrapper here on IH a few months ago , we bought it at 1200-ish subscribers 22 days ago.
      twitter and reddit are the main growth channels now indeed

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