October 29, 2019

Social Media Magic!

Rodolphe Dutel @Rodolphe

This post gathered 1,000,000+ impressions on LinkedIn. Last month, another post crossed 3,000,000+ impressions.

Several tweets went 100+k impressions this quarter, all organic.

Feels like we found a good cadence for sharing on Social Media, here are a bit more stats:

@rdutel stats:
Oct 2019: 580k impressions, 86 tweets, 5k profile visit
Sep 2019: 530k impressions, 124 tweets, 4k profile visit
Aug 2019: 240k impressions, 45 tweets, 1.5k profile visit

@remotiveio stats:
Oct 2019: 250k impressions, 85 tweets, 3k profile visit
Sep 2019: 220k impressions, 89 tweets, 2.8k profile visit
Aug 2019: ??k impressions, 75 tweets, 1.4k profile visit

Will see whether we can maintain it, it does feel like our social media adjustment is working quite well!

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