September 5, 2019

The BEST Remote Job Description...

Rodolphe Dutel @Rodolphe

When you spend 5+years running a job board, you end up reading 1,000s of job descriptions.

I've seen it all: Some awful ones, really vague and unappealing. Others are awesome, you'll find yourself nodding along a saying to yourself "Woah, I'd love to join that team!"

You know, attracting 500-1,000 applicants per remote job is easy, thanks to Remotive & others.

Thing is, due to vague job descriptions, a limited % of applicants are good fits.

SO, when companies improving their Job Descriptions & Career Pages, they attract more active & PASSIVE top candidates...

So, here's a EXCELLENT Job description template for y'all hiring Remotely.

Make sure to put your best foot forward and draw inspiration from this template:

AMA here or on Twitter if I can help :)

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