September 16, 2020

Trending #1 on ProductHunt!

Rodolphe Dutel @Rodolphe

Today is the day, friends!

After 12 months of work, we're launching our brand new site.

We're trending on ProductHunt, currently in the top 5... This likely won't last all day, but it feels great to be up there, even for a few minutes...

So, what's new here?

Let's start by sharing our update:

Today, we're proud to share 2,000+ hand-curated jobs that are 100% remote.

Why is Remotive different?

  • Jobs are 100% remote. No "only remote during COVID" jobs, we do our best to check.-
    Jobs are hand-curated. No robots, no gimmicks. Just real people using judgment.
  • We care. Remotive launched on PH in 2014, we're long-term & full-time bootstrappers.

How is this new?

  • Better jobs: We list 5x more high-quality and often unique remote jobs.
  • Better search: Thanks Algolia for providing state of the art search! - Better categories: We go beyond Tech, covering Health, Law, Teaching and more...

What happened since our last launch?

  • We looked into 29,000+ companies, we publicly list 2,600+ remote companies.
  • We built and are lead-scored a database of 22,000+ remote jobs.
  • We hired staff who hand-picks the best remote jobs.
  • 5x'ed our listed remote-jobs, updating them daily (we have an API).
  • New mobile-friendly design and geo-restriction options.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback. We’re eager to improve, thanks

Special thank you to: Hugo Fauquenoi, Samuel Durand, the Algolia crew and everyone who helped make this special!

See it here:

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    I think you should post the PH link too here 😉

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          thanks, friend! Currently trending #1!!!

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