First 36h of Revenue was $1,047 and MRR of $115!!

Wow! Enabled monetisation of KillSpam and of the 10 YouTube channels that use KillSpam, 3 signed up for paid plans.

One signed up for the monthly place, around $63/month. And two others paid upfront annually for the year.

One was $359.99/yr and the other was $624.78/year.

So that's around an MRR now of $115. This entire product was just built out of frustrating, now it can be sustainable and pay for itself. It was never built to make money.

And since I've blocked use of the platform until you enter your payment details (via Stripe) my monthly cost of Google Cloud has gone down from $500/mo to below $80/mo. So at $115 MRR we are profitable!

This is my second SaaS product that is generating revenue and profitable. Next step is building a referral programme then I'll build the next product (decentralised YouTube).

Please comment below if you have any questions, happy to answer, eaten a lot of pain to get to this point :-)

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