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KillSpam hits MRR of $243

KillSpam has just hit $243 MRR, based on my calculations it should be around $320 MRR based on the two annual subscriptions that add roughly another $80 MRR, but either way. So cool to see this little baby of an app grow organically. With zero marketing.

We now have 5 paying subscribers and 0% churn. Making a product that customers cannot live without is the key.

It's really hard but once you achieve it, it makes the entire process easier.

Conversely my other product dealsourcr, has around 15% monthly churn, no matter what we do. It's because the core product is a vitamin not a pain killer. Wow.

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    Congrats, this is a brilliant idea.

    Do you do the AI yourself, or do you use a 3rd-party API?

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