MRR of $207 & Referral Program Launch!

KillSpam now has 4 paying customers and an MRR of $207.03.

Today I launched the referral program too. Also because our customers are YouTube creators, our direct channel for referrals will be YouTube videos which is hugely scalable.

Will be super interesting how much new subscriptions are created from this. Note we don't have any trial period, if you sign up, you pay, so maybe we will need to instate some kind of trial period to improve conversions.

Let's see!

  1. 1

    Hey, amazing product & valuable to the YouTube community :)

    (I do not know how technically possible but maybe a tactic from me: auto comment to the scammers comment telling: it is a scammer comment, found by our AI inspired product, want to remove them? Go killspam.app to purchase... maybe it can raise the app's awareness and your revenue :) )

    1. 1

      Great idea but I think my software would then be spamming too :-) Neural nets for the win!

      1. 1

        Yes I see haha, maybe a little bit ;) Great app again, keep it uppp

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