Signed up Solving The Money Problem & Dave Lee 😄

Now proud to say we have Chicken Genius Singapore (237K subs), Solving the Money Problem (195K subs), Dave Lee on Investing (150K subs).

Very important to have large channels using the service. The neural networks are working great and removing tons of scammer content.

This really is looking like it could work. Also this morning YouTube have increased our quota from 500,000 units per day to 2,000,000 which means we can handle around 10-15 channels with over 100,000 subscribers.

Our really only limit for growth will be the YouTube Data API quota limits.

Product is still FREE ATM, but it's becoming so important to our users I doubt pricing will be an issue. I expect somewhere around $100-$200/month per customer, assuming 100k-200k subs i.e. $10/month/10k subs. Something like that.

This whole "doing things that don't scale" & "building a product people love" is sooo damn true.

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