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I built this after getting sick of YouTube doing nothing about these scammers. Hopefully this makes the experience of YouTube a little better for everyone.

September 10, 2021 KillSpam hits MRR of $243

KillSpam has just hit $243 MRR, based on my calculations it should be around $320 MRR based on the two annual subscriptions that add roughly another $80 MRR, but either way. So cool to see this little baby of an app grow organically. With zero marketing.

We now have 5 paying subscribers and 0% churn. Making a product that customers cannot live without is the key.

It's really hard but once you achieve it, it makes the entire process easier.

Conversely my other product dealsourcr, has around 15% monthly churn, no matter what we do. It's because the core product is a vitamin not a pain killer. Wow.

September 6, 2021 MRR of $207 & Referral Program Launch!

KillSpam now has 4 paying customers and an MRR of $207.03.

Today I launched the referral program too. Also because our customers are YouTube creators, our direct channel for referrals will be YouTube videos which is hugely scalable.

Will be super interesting how much new subscriptions are created from this. Note we don't have any trial period, if you sign up, you pay, so maybe we will need to instate some kind of trial period to improve conversions.

Let's see!

July 28, 2021 First 36h of Revenue was $1,047 and MRR of $115!!

Wow! Enabled monetisation of KillSpam and of the 10 YouTube channels that use KillSpam, 3 signed up for paid plans.

One signed up for the monthly place, around $63/month. And two others paid upfront annually for the year.

One was $359.99/yr and the other was $624.78/year.

So that's around an MRR now of $115. This entire product was just built out of frustrating, now it can be sustainable and pay for itself. It was never built to make money.

And since I've blocked use of the platform until you enter your payment details (via Stripe) my monthly cost of Google Cloud has gone down from $500/mo to below $80/mo. So at $115 MRR we are profitable!

This is my second SaaS product that is generating revenue and profitable. Next step is building a referral programme then I'll build the next product (decentralised YouTube).

Please comment below if you have any questions, happy to answer, eaten a lot of pain to get to this point :-)

July 26, 2021 Monetisation: Enabled Pricing Plans

KillSpam is now used by 10 pretty big YouTube Channels and is a paid product.

Launching with $39.99/mo and $69.420 for the bigger channels.

Let's see how many sign up and how much is KillSpam a pain killer vs a vitamin haha!

A lot of work just to get to this point but TBH, I just wanted to solve the problem, not build a business here, so if I can pay for itself I'll be happy!

Currently burning a large hole in my pocket each month :-)

May 28, 2021 Signed up Solving The Money Problem & Dave Lee 😄

Now proud to say we have Chicken Genius Singapore (237K subs), Solving the Money Problem (195K subs), Dave Lee on Investing (150K subs).

Very important to have large channels using the service. The neural networks are working great and removing tons of scammer content.

This really is looking like it could work. Also this morning YouTube have increased our quota from 500,000 units per day to 2,000,000 which means we can handle around 10-15 channels with over 100,000 subscribers.

Our really only limit for growth will be the YouTube Data API quota limits.

Product is still FREE ATM, but it's becoming so important to our users I doubt pricing will be an issue. I expect somewhere around $100-$200/month per customer, assuming 100k-200k subs i.e. $10/month/10k subs. Something like that.

This whole "doing things that don't scale" & "building a product people love" is sooo damn true.

May 24, 2021 Launching

After working with Chicken Genius Singapore on YouTube. KillSpam now removes 99.32% scammers off YouTube.

It's now a neural network I trained and built from scratch.

If you're a YouTube creator you can sign up to service now and use for fee.

Read the full announcement here:

April 12, 2021 Pivoting to a SaaS that connects to YT API

After getting a lot of feedback on Twitter DM's and some on Product Hunt. I've decided to pivot the product away from a browser extension that every viewer has to install.

To a SaaS product that you connect directly to your YouTube Channel and my platform will connect via the YouTube Data API and automatically remove the dodgy content.

This means the utility of the platform is way higher, as an example, as soon as YouTuber with 50k subs connects this to their account, we benefit way more people than every single one of those subs having to install the Chrome Extension.

The new product will be called! More details coming soon.

April 11, 2021 Launched on Chrome Web Store

Built this in a lunchtime last week as I was sick of YouTube not doing anything about this problem.

Took around 3 days to be approved by Google. Now it's live in the Chrome Web Store, please install it and try out for yourself!

Hopefully makes YouTube a better place!


I built this after getting sick of YouTube doing nothing about these scammers. Hopefully this makes the experience of YouTube a little better for everyone.