August 12, 2019

Talking to Customers

Jimmy Lipham @jimmylipham

I set out to post on several communities to see if there was really a problem people were feeling. I made a few posts on r/PHP and r/Laravel subreddits to figure out how authors were distributing their premium packages. The initial idea was to target just composer registries as that was what I was using mostly at the time.

I had heard package vendors were using everything from HTTP backends to email attachments to private git repos to distribute their packages, and none of those were directly linked to their payment system.

From there, I said that if there was enough interest, I would set forth with the following MVP:

  • Composer packages pulled straight from github
  • One click integration with Stripe, select a package, select a pricing plan and you're set
  • Bring your own Stripe account. Devs OAuth into stripe and we use their account. They own the customer data.
  • Flat monthly fee based on how many downloads you have

Now on to see if 10 developers would commit to paying for the first month.

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