August 12, 2019

Transactional Emails

Jimmy Lipham @jimmylipham

For Laravel apps, I generally use Mailgun's SMTP integration. It is a fantastic service, but I wanted something a bit easier so I didn't have to do all the template legwork, and this project, I really wanted to look gorgeous. I didn't want to pollute @creativetim's beautiful work with sloppy looking emails.

I noticed that @pkrupar was turning up Using a simple HTTP api, you could send pre-defined email templates to users without all of the MX junk that usually ensues.

He was nice enough to spot me some early access, and I spent a couple of hours standing up some html templates in their editor. From there, it's as easy as calling up the template name and passing in some variables and everything sorta just works.

Boom! Now we've got emails for:

  1. When you create an account
  2. Password reset junk
  3. When you make your first sale
  4. When you buy a package as a customer (it includes instructions on connecting up composer)
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