August 12, 2019

Ugh, is it shiny object syndrome, or the future?

Jimmy Lipham @jimmylipham

I had continued talking to prospective customers from Telegram groups, reddit and a few other online communities and one of the key issues that authors had was that they distributed both composer and npm packages.

NPM is by far the largest package repository out there, and I figured that adding it would help me get commitments from other customers as well as cover both front-end and back-end technologies for vendors.

However, I only wanted to do this if it could be done in two days or less.

I rushed off to research the NPM specification and reverse engineer whatever I had to in order to add support for it. It turns out that most of the npm registry spec are couchdb APIs. After about 8 hours of work, I had a baseline NPM integration that even worked with npm publish!

Now I just have to add in git support for pushing packages.

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