May 30, 2020

🚀 How I Created a Pre-Launch Lead Funnel!

Tanner Lueders @tlueders

Recently, I submitted my side project, for Facebook review in preparation for launch!

In the mean time, I set up a lead funnel offering a pre-launch discount code. I figured this was a fairly smart way to drive some traffic to the new website while also starting to build an email list.

Here's what that funnel looks like!
➡ Facebook Conversion Ad
➡ Landing Page (
➡ Discount Email Signup Form
➡ Automated Email with promo code

I by no means call myself a marketer and I am fairly new to facebook ads/lead generation, so if any of you have feedback on how to improve this, i'd love to hear it!

The ad has been running for just over 12 hours... I'll report back with an update on how it's going.

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