January 21, 2021

Kill the idea

Ismaël Sow @ismael_sow

I've sent around 75 cold emails and I've received zero answers so far. I could try to send more of them but I think the response rate is already too low. Since this is not an already proved market where people are paying for this exact type of service, there is too much market risk to continue. I'll pivot to another idea... but which one?

For some reason, all the ideas that I had written down just a week ago seem way less promising now.

Today's Top Milestones
  • MetaSurvey almost closed, but survived 2020
    Heya`ll. It is my message to all Founders. Time flies fast. 1 year have passed when in December 2019 when a team of 10 IndieHackers invented and launc
  • Added sign-up and sign-in functionalities
    My default choice for user authentication and authorization is AWS Cognito. However, for sake of implementation speed, I went with Auth0 for this proj
  • Nodewood 0.16.0 released, with HMR!
    Version 0.16.0 of Nodewood releases today, with a LOT of cleanup and polish features: * Hot Module Reloading * Automatic form submission when "Enter"
  • Pre launch up on Betalist
    We've just been featured on Betalist - https://betalist.com/startups/entrypage You could say Entrypage is like Linktree meets Confluence. It's a micro
  • Came up with my idea
    After some long boozy dinners discussing the stock market, everyone felt that they had the best collection of companies. Why isn't there a place we ca
  • Redesigned order system and orders page.
    I'm getting pretty close to shipping a v1.0. I still have some lingering web security issues I need to fix before taking a 2nd client. Many bugs have
  • 1(ish) month in
    Just pushed my 3rd post. I changed from posting on Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. The was that you would read it first thing after getting home
  • 100+ members since launch
    2 weeks post launch, we now have over 100 members. While the numbers are still small, they are growing quickly, and we're seeing many members returnin
  • "The Most Important Decision for Founders"
    Three questions to ask yourself before starting a business or getting attached to a business idea: What resources are you willing to put in? time, mon
  • Launched an MVP
    Went from idea to usable MVP in an hour. Quick domain register, new NextJS project on Vercel... wham. It's a go! Ask a Designer is a provocation to se