September 3, 2019

We just launched a referral program!

Martin Lien @MartinLien

We launched our first referral program for Respond Flow with the help of @peterdaggett! We decided to add a referral program with hopes of finding another growth avenue, and have already gotten our first partner.

However, as this is our first referral program we would love to get some feedback on what you all think about the terms. Offering too much, too little, or just right?

  • $15 recurring commission for the entire lifetime of the customer
  • $100 bonus if customer upgrades to 5 seats
  • $250 bonus if customer upgrades to 10 seats (not enterprise)
  • 10% of the value of the contract bonus for enterprise customers
  • $25 recruitment bonus

Would love to hear what you all think since it's still early in the program!

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