March 29, 2020

The next step!

Maurice T. Meyer @mauricetmeyer

We have finally finished our new service communication layer that is even more stable and allows the service to scale easier and faster. We've also prepared a new update to our website that may already be available when you read this post. It should now be a lot easier to understand what out service does. Make sure to check it out over at!

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    I checked your website hoping to understand what your service is about. Nowadays the term AI is used almost everywhere, so my suggestion is to maybe have a list of concrete use-cases for your products so that developers like me could understand if it really solves our problems. 🙂

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      Thank you for your opinion we try to implement your Suggestion on our Webseite😁👌🏻



Today's Top Milestones
  • First customer interview 🤗
    We're building SEOly to become the one-stop-shop solution for Indie Hackers looking to improve their SEO. We'll cover On-Page SEO (Technical Checks an
  • Better Shirts
    Maker Threads and Better Sheets have come together to make Better Shirts. Better shirts than your mom can sew for ya, at least. Launched on product hu
  • 🤑September breakdown
    I am a bit late, because October is already coming to an end. But here are my figures for September :) Ads revenue: 125€ In-App purchases: 52,61€ Tota
  • First $5 in Revenue!!!
    Out of the blue I received my first contribution on Buy Me a Coffee. I've been heads down on adding guides and improving my site design, so I haven't
  • Monthly Text Expansion, Subscriptions
    It's been a while! Typing Hero now helps 20K+ monthly active users expanding text 12M+ times each month! As for the subscription, it currently has 67
  • Finished Beta version of the MVP
    After a lot of hours spend in my code editor, I finally have a version ready for first tests. I developed it using tools I already knew, using cloud s
  • Update #4: End of Beta
    This was sent out as a Newsletter, subscribe here. It's been 4 weeks since the last update, and this update officially marks the end of the beta for S
  • Added legal pages
    I’m so happy that I finally accomplished this milestone! Especially, because it is such a dull one! 🥵 In past projects I procrastinated this part alm
  • New Landing Page
    Today I released the new landing page in hope of a better conversion. Quite frankly the old landing page was a bit of a mess since I released the MVP
  • 🚀Launching!
    It took 6 months, but I'm finally done building the first version of In hindsight, there were a few features I built that probably could've