November 7, 2019

Decision to pivot

Will Smith @WillSmithSF

The original vision of Resume Workshop was a powerful & affordable service for job seekers to receive personalized, high-value feedback on their resumes from qualified professionals like recruiters and resume writers.

You upload your resume and within 24 hours receive 3 videos, one from 3 different recruiters who have recorded themselves reviewing your resume. Each video is about 10 minutes long, meaning you receive 30 minutes of personalized, actionable feedback on your resume from a cross section of experts. Powerful, effective, and both the job seekers and reviewers loved it.

Problem is, people aren't looking for it. No one is out there saying, "I need to pay some recruiters to review my resume."

So I've decided that a faster route to revenue is providing value where people are already aware of their pain and are expecting to spend money to solve it.

In this case, that would be job seekers who have decided to work with a professional resume writer to help them prepare their resume.

Turns out there's a whole industry of resume writers. And, the industry actually exhibits a high degree of dissatisfaction among its customers. Bad reviews are all over the internet complaining about the crappy quality of the resume that was purchased. This frustration is all the more acute given that many of these unhappy customers are currently unemployed and therefore strapped for cash.

So, how to help?

A marketplace of vetted resume writers, complete with reviews and profiles. You can upload your resume and receive a brief video review from writers you like actually telling you how they would improve your particular resume. So now you've gotten to browse through a couple dozen resume writers, and you've actually seen 2 or 3 of them comment on your particular resume. You have a strong sense of exactly what each would do to improve your resume, what her approach is, and whether you feel good about her personality. You're much more confident about which writer you should work with, and consequently more confident in spending a few hundred dollars for an updated resume from that writer.

This is what Resume Workshop will now be.

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